Obladee Obladah, Life Goes On

It’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened!2016-03-19 16.52.29

The flu hit our house, one person at a time (thankfully not all of us at once), which made me realize how essential it is to work as a team when you are parenting; the night before we all went to the long-anticipated Disney On Ice, I was the first affected by the flu and it was not pretty. My husband totally stepped up to the plate and kept the kids from destroying the house and managed to feed them and dress them while I slept like a dead person for several hours. I wanted so badly to go to the show, but I wasn’t sure I could even stand! Somehow I rallied, and we made it, with my husband taking our infant for frequent walks so I didn’t have to hold him the whole time (he is in that “awesome” stage where he wants to crawl and squirm, while at the same time not be far from me either…ah!).¬†I slept for about 18 hours after we got home, and things improved from there, but I am so thankful that our family rarely gets sick! It made me even more determined to ensure we eat as healthily as possible and instill¬†good hygiene practices.

How does your family operate when someone (or everyone!) is sick? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Secondly, my husband and I started looking into buying another house, and ended up entering a crazy “bidding war” for a house of my dreams. If any of you have ever been in this stage, you know how complicated and emotional house-hunting can be. The real estate market is crazy right now where we live, with houses selling in a matter of hours, rather than minutes! Throw in the emotional aspects of finding a house you can envision yourself in and all the possibilities it holds, while trying to stay realistic and not get your hopes up (easier said than done) and you have one of the most stressful periods of your life! We also experienced a bidding war where 9 offers were all presented within an hour and the house ended up selling for $90,000 over asking price…..yes, I’m serious! Anyway, needless to say we did not come close to getting the house, and I have to say we had a rush of different emotions: relief, disappointment, and hope. I’m glad we went through the experience so we know what to expect next time, but it helped us realize we were not both totally ready to move. My husband admitted that he didn’t feel ready to move away from our neighbours or our house; that he felt we had put down some good “roots” and had pictured us having at least one more summer here. I personally had felt ready to move, as I had loved the house we looked at and am more of an “all in” person when I get on board, but it was good to come out of this experience with a clearer picture of where each of us stood. Back to the drawing board, but excited for what the future holds!

Have you been through this experience? Are you still waiting to find “the one” house of your dreams? Or have you come through to the other side and are living in one right now? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Lastly, I have finally started a little spring cleaning around the house (mostly driven by the possibility that if we had to sell our house, everything had to be spotless). The to-do list had a few items that I had been wanting to do for a long time:

  1. re-painting all our baseboards and window trim white (it was previously an off-white that was scuffed up and flaking),
  2. finding a storage solution for the main floor toys once and for all:
  3. cleaning out the patio door tracks and window tracks of all their gunk (and all I needed was some baking soda, vinegar, some old toothbrushes, paper towel and some cloths and a knife for the corners….easy peasy!)

What has been on your radar for cleaning? Is there a task you have been putting off that needs to be tackled? I encourage you to pick just one of these tasks and go for it; if you are like me, these tasks have a way of building up and creating guilt every time you look at or think about them. The only way to address this is to just do it! Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today! Even if it’s just starting the task, you will feel a huge sense of relief! For example, I used the 30-40 minutes I had while my son was napping to paint just one section of trim or clean the tracks of just one door or window. Slowly but surely, over a couple days, it got done (not to mention, I got faster at it as I went along!).

I would love to hear about your “to-do” tasks in the comments below!

Crossing one task off at a time,

Ashley xo

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